At first glance the colour of a website looks like it may be chosen due personal preferences, however, in reality the colour of a website has a deeper psychological impact on the audience it is intended for. Colour psychology is used in all sorts of areas from marketing to website design. Whilst it may not seem a crucial aspect of the website, the colour you choose works alongside the actual content of your website in influencing the viewer’s decision of you as a company.

It’s no secret that the main theme at Dedred is red. The colour red is associated with excitement and passion, something we feel is applicable to us. Red also seems to run parallel to success, for example, one of the most successful brands internationally is Coca Cola. What is Coca Cola associated with? The colour red. The emotional effect people have when they see the colour red describes us at Dedred perfectly – exciting, energetic and passionate.

Despite being slightly biased towards the colour red, other colours also subconsciously have an emotional effect on people, if you want to promote a brand that is mature with a sense of security then blue is for you, or if you want to create a cheerful and optimistic site, orange will do this perfectly.

To your customers and clients the colour may seem a tiny detail to the website, however, to you and your brand colour psychology is an important element of the web design process which effects the way the audience sees your site.