Facebook is often overlooked as an opportunity to drive traffic to your site and bring in more business. This is typically because either people don’t understand how to make Facebook work for their business, or they don’t see the advantages in doing so and believe it isn’t necessary when in fact the majority of cases when used correctly it can be hugely successful.
With social media growing increasingly popular, it would be wrong to ignore its influence with worldwide Facebook driving 80% of social referrals. Is also tends to perform better than other platforms such as Twitter in getting people to consume slightly more information and follow a link to your website as you’re not limited by characters as you are with Twitter.
Due to the amount of social referrals from Facebook, it is key that you recognise what your Facebook audience likes to see in order to boost engagement and possible visits to your site. As well as this, it’s well known that visuals outperform non-visual posts due to the casual browsing nature of social media users rather than consuming in-depth data. It’s key not to overload your social media accounts with information, instead using visual aspects to direct them to your site where the information is held and more likely to be consumed.
Nowadays Facebook is the biggest traffic driver, overtaking Yahoo, Bing and even YouTube in referring people to your site. Its unlikely Facebook will ever be as big as Google in driving traffic, however it is growing more popular and year after year the percentages of traffic and referrals increase. These statistics seem to show that the need for social media for most businesses is going to become greater so taking notice of your Facebook audience and what they consume now will inevitably lead to more traffic on your website. You may have found yourself on this blog because of our Facebook page, showing just how well it works! Here at Dedred we offer complete social media management so do not hesitate to call us if this is something you’re interested in.