At Dedred, we don’t just want to offer a quick fix digital marketing remedy for our clients, we pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding a business’ needs and goals and build a strategy and solutions from the ground upwards. The is the ethos that sits at the core of our marketing packages. We bare in mind a client’s needs and so offer a range of options accordingly. We are so much more than a One-Size-Fits-All digital marketing agency. We offer solutions tailored to your specific requirements and diagnose a fully multilayered marketing strategy incorporating a number of services to get real ROIs.

It is only by comprehending a brand’s narrative and services that we can get real ROIs and measurable KPIs. We take a multi-faceted approach to our marketing packages, as we understand that no two clients are the same. What works well for one business on social media may not necessarily translate well to other platforms.

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Our campaigns build upon an integrated marketing strategy drawing upon many spheres including traditional PR, Adwords advertising, SEO tactics, and cutting edge social media developments.

We believe that this approach is at the core of audience engagement, which is the fundamental goal of a social media strategy.

Get fully integrated multi-platform social media strategy implementation with comprehensive digital marketing tactic in mind. This means that we understand marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all, and we offer an array of services such as Adwords and SEO packages to supplement the overall marketing approach. Unlike other agencies who may simply go all guns blazing, we take a methodical approach, diagnose exactly what your brand needs, and deduce from extensive research exactly which approach suits your needs best.

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