You may think that your website is a passive medium, something people just browse like a brochure or a shop window, but it’s not. Every moment your potential customers are visiting your site it is talking to them. Maybe not out loud, but subconsciously they are making assumptions, judgements and decisions about you and your business based on what they are looking at. Can you risk giving them the wrong message?

Your site shouldn’t take too long to load.

Even basic internet connections are getting faster, and user attention spans are getting shorter. The latest studies say that you have less than 3 seconds to make an impression before almost half of users are moving away to another site. This time-scale has dropped dramatically from almost 6 seconds in 2011. Can you afford to have a slow website, or worse, one which doesn’t appear at all?

It should be very clearly laid out with one or more clear calls to action

The user is there for a reason, make sure they can get what they came for quickly whether that is information or to buy a product. It should be attractive and promote your brand effectively. This is especially important if you are selling something online – give your customers an experience and identity to remember and they are more likely to return again and again.

It’s vital that the content is up to date and accurate.

There is nothing more off-putting than obviously out-of-date content or news on a site. It gives the impression that no-one is taking the site seriously – users will worry that if they contact your company via the site maybe no-one will respond. If your business is growing, your website should be changing too. Keep things fresh and updated and give people confidence that you are paying attention.

Make sure it is mobile-friendly

Your site needs to be accessible regardless of how your users are connecting to it.We published some stats on this in an earlier article  – you cannot ignore the mobile users any longer.

What DedRed can do for your site

We are marketing experts so we know exactly how to make the most of your brand, or even give your whole corporate identity a makeover if you want that. We will get you noticed and make you memorable.

Our SEO team are the best in the business. Your site won’t flounder on page 2 or 3 of Google, it will be right there in front of their eyes when they search for your keywords. We can back this up with testimonials from clients we have helped, who are now doing measurably better business because of us.

Your site will be optimised for user experience. We will make sure that it loads quickly, and give you advice on how to keep it that way. Our sites are mobile-friendly as standard, so you’ll not have to worry that someone is missing out. We use one of the largest hosting companies in the world too, so bandwidth and downtime are never an issue.

Our sites are all content managed – whether you do this yourself or ask us to keep things running for you it’s very easy and quick to make any changes to content, images or products.

Our friendly team is always on hand for technical support and expertise, we’re always ready to give the best advice and help where it’s needed.