Exciting, youthful and bold. We know that’s what we want the DedRed brand to be saying about us- but what do you want to say?

A recent blog post by Pam Dyer, marketing manager at Solutions IQ, suggests the use of colour in marketing is imperative to building brand recognition and encouraging purchasing. So how does your brand’s colour make your customers feel about you?

We’ve been quite vocal about our choice of colour. Red is confident, vibrant, aggressive and passionate, just what we’re all about. We love the colour so much, we even named the company after it! The DedRed site has had plenty of compliments to date too, all of which mention how its bold design instantly makes you want to find out more.

But there’s no need to fret! Red’s obviously not the only way to get people talking about you and if everyone used it, the world would be a pretty boring place. There’s a colour emotion guide featured in Pam Dyer’s blog post, which demonstrates how different colours evoke different emotions from an audience. You only have to look at the big name brands and their colour choices to get a feel for what you’d like your brand to represent. As the guide suggests, we quite like the idea of being on the same wavelength as Coca Cola, Virgin, YouTube and Nintendo, but you might choose a bit of blue to reflect trust and dependency like Facebook, Twitter, American Express and Oral-B. Maybe you want the creative and wise vibes given off by the purple and pinks associated with the likes of Cadbury, Hallmark, T Mobile and Yahoo? Whatever colour you choose, it’s definitely worth taking the time to consider what you want your customers to think when they see material related with your brand, both on and offline.

The blog also features some pretty impressive stats that suggest the colours used in marketing material also have a significant impact on purchasing and brand recognition. Apparently ‘85% of shoppers place [colour] as a primary reason for why they buy a particular product’ as different colours make us have different emotional reactions to the things we buy. And, like we always tell our clients, the figures show that colour is not the only thing to consider when enticing an online buyer. People are also strongly influenced by the design of a site, the buzz words used within it and how convenient the entire process is- it’s the whole package! The design stats were of particular interest to our team as 42% of online shoppers base their decision to buy on the overall website design and a whopping 52% of people don’t return because they were unhappy with the aesthetics of a site.  Music to our creative ears! All that hard work spent making a website look and function well, really does pay off!

So, when it comes to your digital offering, we really can’t stress enough how important it is to address both the design and development of a new site in equal measure. Despite offering rock bottom prices when it comes to our digital services, that’s not where we keep our standards! The DedRed team always ensure that all aspects of a project work well together because like Pam Dyers blog suggests, people treat buying as an experience whether it’s on or offline. So what are you waiting for- we’ve given you the facts, why wouldn’t you want a bright and energetic brand to design and build your website offering?