‘The collective is greater than the sum of its parts’ is the name of the game with our integrated marketing strategies. Bring all of your marketing tactics together into one complete strategy to reinforce your brand and make every element work hard for your company. There’s even more to explore at Dedred Coms our integrated brand communication division.

Integrated marketing applies and reinforces a strong brand image across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels, using different promotional methods to reinforce each other. Good integrated marketing also utilises a deep understanding of the product and the market to create a multi-dimentional brand experience that targets specific audiences rather than just mirroring the same ad repeatedly over different platforms.

Marketing Strategies

Does your product need a national ad campaign, a commercial e-commerce site with heavyweight SEO and PPC, an email campaign or a combination of them all. Working at a high level, taking in the bigger picture we use our years of experience in digital marketing to plan the way forward. With a strong creative background, our team recognises the need for Communicating a distinct message across all of your marketing media, integrating  them seamlessly.

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