When was your last news item on your website? Or PR release? Or Social media update? Or content management for SEO purposes on your website? Or if you are doing any of these important activities, when was the last sale directly attributed to any of them?
With the advent of Google Panda, now more than ever “Content is King” for when it comes to news management, Digital PR, social media integration and blog aggregation. If you are not paying attention to this area of your business via your website, social media accounts and traditional PR avenues then you are going to risk missing out on google ranking, brand exposure and at the end of the day bottom line sales. If you aren’t talking to your customers, you can bet that your competitors are!
We’ve taken traditional PR, integrated our SEO knowhow, thrown in Social media expertise and packaged up something we call Digital Brand Communication.
You may have one or more element of the above covered in-house or from a third party supplier, but integrating the written word across different media vehicles is what we are do –  either working with your team, dovetailing seamlessly for the greater good of your company, or indeed taking the entire communication function on board.