Recently Dedred borrowed the Nissan Leaf electric motor from our clients over at  Brindley Garages for a week and took it out to stretch its legs.

Office headquarters being situated in the leafy town of Cannock, Dedred is conscious of its impact upon the environment and therefore supports projects that strive to conserve the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. And we are pleased to report that as well as providing us with a well deserved sense of smugness at our miniscule carbon footprint, the Nissan Leaf electric car is also a pleasure to drive.

With no petrol tank, gearbox or exhaust fumes billowing out of the back, the Nissa Leaf is a completely clean driving machine, requiring charging by battery only. Owners are exempt from road tax, company car and also congestion tax in London, saving you money as well as contributing to saving the planet.

Far from the wheezy and sluggish models of previous years driven only by vegans and hipsters alike, this car is nippy and quiet, with something just fundamentally cool at heart. This is an electric car whose technology and functionality mean business, and had an aesthetic design to to be proud of. Dedred would not mind this motor being sat outside its office one bit.