Over a grand has been raised in just over a month, thanks to the efforts of Kerst Ward, CEO of Dedred Coms and everyone putting their time, effort and musical talents into a viral Facebook page. During lockdown and self-isolation everyone is currently experiencing as a result of the COVID19 pandemic outbreak, everyone has found themselves very much stuck indoors with not a lot to do. The media has often been anxiety-inducing, and Kerst recognised that everyone could do with a little entertainment during this time. That is when Quarentineopen mic page began. Now at over 1400 follows in less than a month, everyone can join and post a video of them performing, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, reciting poetry- or anything at all! Every night at 8pm there is a headline act who goes live for anywhere between half an hour and an hour, performing to the audience.

Whilst the page is free to be a part of, all voluntary donations are encouraged. Kerst asked a Doctor what would be the best charity to donate to that would support the NHS and their wonderful staff, and he was advised that the Marie Curie charity would be the most beneficial.

You can follow the page here and be part of the musical community that is keeping everyone’s spirits up, and raising money for our hard-working and deserving NHS staff on the front lines during this coronavirus pandemic.